Allocation Breakdown: A Fair and Inclusive Approach

1. NFT Holders:

  • Recognition for Collectors: NFT holders, the backbone of our unique digital ecosystem, receive 10% of the total Airdrop Allocation.

2. Galxe and Zealy Quest Participants:

  • Quest Completion Rewarded: Participants in the Galxe and Zealy quests embark on special journeys within our platform. As a token of appreciation for their quest completion, 5% of the total Airdrop Allocation is reserved for these intrepid explorers.

3. Early Adopters of the Casino:

  • Pioneers Rewarded: Early adopters of our casino, who have been instrumental in shaping our platform's growth, receive 5% of the total Airdrop Allocation. Your commitment to being among the first to explore our offerings is duly recognized and rewarded.

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