🏅Loyalty Program

Introducing CoinGames' Loyalty and VIP Program: Unlock exclusive rewards as you level up, reaching VIP status for top-tier benefits. Join us and elevate your gaming experience today!

We're excited to introduce our Loyalty and VIP program to our valued users. Similar to many loyalty programs, ours operates on a proportionality system, where users ascend through ranks to unlock increasingly lucrative rewards. We've crafted ten levels, each with a distinct medieval-themed nomenclature, offering progressively advantageous prizes and remunerations. The final three levels are exclusively reserved for our VIP customers, as outlined below:

  1. Commoner: Entry level for all new CoinGames users, with no immediate rewards.

  2. Soldier: Wager 300.000 $CGT

    • Benefit: 3.000 CGT to play with and 1% cashback

  3. Knight: Wager 500.000 $CGT monthly

    • Benefits: 5.000 CGT and 2% cashback

  4. Archbishop: Wager 1.000.000 $CGT

    • Benefits: 10.000 CGT and 3% cashback

  5. General: Wager 5.000.000 $CGT

    • Benefits: 50.000 CGT and 4% cashback

  6. Lord: Wager 10.000.000 $CGT

    • Benefits: 100.000 $CGT and 5% cashback

  7. Prince: Wager 60.000.000 CGT

    • Benefits: 600.000 $CGT and 10% cashback

  8. Hero: Wager 500.000.000 $CGT

    • Benefits: 5.000.000 $CGT and 15% cashback, along with a dedicated VIP manager

  9. King: Wager CGT

    • Benefits: 30 million $CGT and 20% cashback, accompanied by a VIP manager

  10. God (VIP Rank): Users at this level enjoy benefits such as 300 million $CGT to play with, 25% cashback, and a dedicated VIP manager to address all their concerns and requests, including access to events and exclusive trips.

Advancing through the ranks requires users to meet specific wagering requirements on CoinGames, which increase in proportion to the level. Rank differentiations are determined by coefficients calculated by our team. For further details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions section.

At CoinGames, our customers are our top priority, and we strive to meet all their needs. We offer industry-leading benefits and rewards to ensure their gaming experience is unparalleled.

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