🎁Buy & Burn

Every month, a percentage of the platform's revenue is allocated to the Buy and Burn program. This revenue is derived from two main sources:

  1. Casino NGR (Net Gaming Revenue): 15%

    • A portion of the revenue generated from our casino games contributes to the Monthly Buy and Burn program. As our casino flourishes, so do the rewards for our community.

  2. Sportsbook NGR (Net Gaming Revenue): 10%

    • The thrill of sports betting is not just limited to the game; it extends to your CGT holdings. With 10% of the Sportsbook NGR allocated to the Monthly Buy and Burn, your involvement in sports wagering becomes even more rewarding.

Buy and Burn Explained:

  1. Token Buyback: The allocated percentages from both the Casino and Sportsbook NGR are used to buy $CGT tokens directly from the market.

  2. Token Burn: The purchased tokens are then permanently removed from circulation, reducing the total supply of $CGT. This mechanism is commonly known as "burning" tokens.

Benefits for CGT Holders:

  1. Value Appreciation: With a decreasing supply of $CGT due to the regular token burns, the scarcity of tokens tends to drive up their value. This creates a positive impact on the overall value of your $CGT holdings.

  2. Community Rewards: As a token holder, you directly share in the success of the platform. The Monthly Buy and Burn program is designed to reward your loyalty and support by contributing to the scarcity and value of CGT.

  3. Transparency: We are committed to transparency in our operations. Monthly reports will be provided, detailing the revenue generated, the number of tokens bought back, and the tokens burned. We want you to have full visibility into the process.

This Monthly Buy and Burn initiative is a testament to our dedication to creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for our community. Your participation is not just appreciated; it's celebrated.

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